Cloudflare Integration Deprecation – What it Means for GreenGeeks

Cloudflare has deprecated the required Cloudflare associate APIs required to handle domains by means of cPanel. The removing of the cPanel plugin doesn’t imply you can’t use the service, although.

It simply means you’ll now not have the ability to handle your Cloudflare integrations inside the GreenGeeks cPanel dashboard, or another cPanel host, for that matter.

This doesn’t imply your web sites will cease engaged on the favored CDN. It merely means you’ll now not have the ability to add, handle, or configure the domains on Cloudflare immediately out of your cPanel.

To assist ease the transition course of, we’ve outlined what you might want to know and the way this will influence your GreenGeeks web site.

Clients with Current Cloudflare Configurations

There can be no influence on current Cloudflare configurations. The data which are presently configured to level to Cloudflare will proceed to resolve as regular.

This implies you gained’t must make any changes to the configurations you have already got in place.

To make modifications to a site beforehand configured with Cloudflare by means of GreenGeeks, you’ll must entry the Cloudflare Dashboard.

Clients With out Earlier Cloudflare Configuration

Because the function has been deprecated, you’ll now not have the ability to configure new domains for Cloudflare by means of your GreenGeeks cPanel.

This implies you’ll must log immediately into the Cloudflare Dashboard to configure and handle your domains.

For extra info on how this variation could influence your websites, please confer with our Assist article outlining the Cloudflare deprecation.

We apologize for any inconvenience this will trigger.

In a Nutshell…

Though the API integration for Cloudflare has been deprecated from the cPanel, you’ll nonetheless have the ability to handle your domains by means of Cloudflare’s dashboard. Any domains that have been added previous to this variation will nonetheless be lively on Cloudflare.

The underside line is that the perform has merely been faraway from cPanel.